All Natural Massage Oils and Carrier Oils

Carrier oils, also known as base oils are an important in aromatherapy and are commonly used as the primary base in which essential oils are blended and diluted prior to massage.

Our aromatherapy massage oils are specially blended for both professional and personal use.

  • Carrier Oils

    Carrier Oils (6)

    Vegetable Carrier Oils cold pressed to maintain nutrients and vitamins. These vegetable carrier (base) oils can be used on there own or as carriers for pure essential oils They also possess their own therapeutic properties so can be used to complement the essential oil properties in making an aromatherapy massage oil.  They are also great for skincare as they contain…
  • Massage Oils

    Massage Oils (6)

    Massage Oils one of the most effective and popular ways of using essential oils is through aromatherapy massage. Our 'ready to use' massage oils are perfect for both professional and personal use.  Our aromatherapist has formulated these massage oils for the common massage uses such as sports, Relaxation, etc. There is even have a unscented massage blend that can be…